Our Services

Our engineering teams strive to provide electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and ESD solutions which:

  • Are designed and documented with appropriate amounts of detail and specificity
  • Efficiently use energy and precious resources
  • Are good value for money as a capital expense
  • Are practical and affordable to operate and maintain
  • Are well informed by current industry best practice and the latest proven technologies
  • Benefit from our substantial practical experience and professional skill and knowledge
  • Are well-coordinated with other design disciplines
  • Can perform optimally throughout their service life
  • Have our clients’ long term best interests at heart

We understand the value of these principles and they are enshrined in our design and documentation of the following services:

Electrical Services

Our electrical engineers design and document all electrical systems including:

  • Power reticulation
  • Interior and exterior architectural and functional lighting
  • Specialist lighting for large areas, sports fields, car parks and airports
  • Public lighting (street lighting & urban areas)
  • Fire detection and warning
  • Emergency and exit lighting
  • Electronic security – intercoms, access control, CCTV
  • Subdivisions & URD
  • Embedded Energy (Solar, Batteries, Generating Sets)
  • Audio visual
  • Data & communications cabling infrastructure
  • NBN services reticulation
  • Hazardous Electrical Areas
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Mechanical Services

Our mechanical engineers design and document all mechanical services including:

  • Mechanical ventilation
  • Air conditioning and heating
  • Refrigeration and cold rooms
  • Mechanical fire systems and smoke exhaust
  • Steam
  • Medical and laboratory gases
  • Fire sprinklers
  • Lifts and vertical transportation
  • Spray booths
  • Fume cupboards
  • Compressed air
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Hydraulic Services

Our hydraulic engineers design and document all hydraulic services including:

  • Council plumbing applications
  • Sanitary drainage and sanitary plumbing systems
  • Trade waste drainage and pre-treatment systems
  • Vacuum drainage systems
  • Rainwater harvesting and re-use systems
  • Gutter design, stormwater, rainwater and siphonic drainage systems
  • Cold water systems including pumps and storage systems
  • Hot water and warm water generation and circulation systems
  • Water filtration, treatment, and backflow devices
  • Gas services including natural and LP Gas
  • Wet Fire Services including fire hydrants, fire hose reels and fire sprinklers
  • Audit inspections and reports
  • Budget analysis
  • As constructed drafting services
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ESD (Ecologically Sustainable Development)

Our ESD team is focused on providing energy and sustainability consultancy and advisory services for architects, builders, developers, and property owners throughout Australia.

Ashburner Francis has been an advocate of energy efficient design since incorporation in 1976.  Sustainability principles are an integral part of our design process.

We offer services to enhance energy efficiency within the commercial and industrial sector including:

  • NCC-BCA Section J Energy Efficiency Assessments and Certification (Using deemed-to-satisfy provisions or the JV3 verification method as appropriate).
  • NABERS Building Energy Ratings (using our NABERS Accredited Assessors)
  • Building Energy Efficiency Certificates (BEEC) as required for the majority of buildings over 1,000m² sold or leased (using our Commercial Building Disclosure Accredited Assessor)
  • Green Star Design & As Built Ratings and Certification (using our Green Star Accredited Professionals)
  • Green Star Performance Ratings and Certification (using our Green Star Accredited Professionals)
  • Verification of energy savings in accordance with the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) (using our Certified Measurement and Verification Professional — CMVP)
  • Energy Audits and Surveys
  • Solar Photovoltaic System Design
  • Ground Source Heat Pump (Geothermal) Air Conditioning System Design
  • Absorption Refrigeration System Design
  • Lighting Control System Design
  • Building Management System Design
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ECR (Energy Cost Reduction)

ECR is a unique service we offer to help reduce your energy usage and costs with minimal or no up-front expense

Our ECR process is a bespoke service, tailored to your specific needs.  A typical scenario would be:
  • Your energy costs are too high
  • We meet with you to understand the problem
  • We provide an energy and cost saving solution that’s specific to your needs
  • We design, supply, install and fully project manage everything
  • You use one of our funding options and easy payment methods
  • Ongoing monitoring means maximum savings for years to come
The solutions we provide may include:
  • On site energy generation — solar, hydrogen, geothermal, hybrid
  • Battery storage
  • Energy efficient lighting, heating and cooling systems
  • Building Management Systems
  • Power factor correction
Funding options are available to reduce or eliminate initial expenses.  These include:
  • Power Purchase Agreement (solar & battery storage only)
  • Energy Services Contract
  • Energy Performance Contract
Embedded Energy Systems — Compliance, Commissioning and Reporting

“Embedded” energy generation systems (including solar, geothermal, diesel and natural gas) that generate power on site and connect to the electricity grid are required to comply with the requirements of the National Electricity Rules.

In Queensland, testing, commissioning and compliance reporting must be carried out by a Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ) before connection to the grid will be allowed.

We can provide a fully qualified RPEQ to ensure these requirements are met.

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Subdivisions (URD, Street Lighting and NBN Design)

We can provide complete electrical design and construction stage services for your subdivision, including:

  • URD — Underground Residential Distribution systems for electrical reticulation in accordance with Energex and Ergon requirements
  • Street Lighting in accordance with Energex, Ergon and Local Council requirements
  • NBN or Telstra compliant pit and pipe systems designs, ready for fibre optic communications system installation
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